A hard pill you need to swallow—if you want to date beautiful women.


Some dating coaches say: ‘your looks, status, and lifestyle doesn’t matter: it’s all about game.’

Other dating coaches say: ‘game is stupid. It’s all about looks, status, and lifestyle.’

The reality: All that shit matters—to some degree…

Let’s get some myths out of the way.
(a) you have to be handsome to date beautiful women: hell no!
(b) women only want you for your money: only a tiny percentage does.
(c) I have to become successful before I’m worthy of dating beautiful women: don’t make me laugh.

Now, let’s be honest.

The reality is: What you bring to the table matters!


Offer = What you bring to the table.

In other words, the value you provide as a person.

These could be your looks, money, social status, kindness, positivity, or compatibility.

The main question she’ll ask is: will he make my life more or less valuable?


Game = your ability to sell that offer (yourself).

Game matters because it determines how many interested women you convert into sexual partners.

My main point is:
• A bad offer is hard to sell.
• A great offer is easy to sell.

Put into a graph:

❗️ Note:

I’m leaving two other vital metrics: MINDSET & POSITIONING, out for clarity.

See my previous and next blog posts below to learn more.

According to evolutionary psychology, women rate a man’s offer by:
• Health & Energy
• Size & Strength
• Resource potential or resources
• Generosity
• Social status
• Age
• Intelligence
• Dependability and Stability• Compatibility
• Love, Kindness & Commitment

We are going to focus on the things you can actually improve!

Everything else is just noise.

What’s most important: All women want a man who’s got his shit together and is fun to be around (a great offer!)

👇🏻 Here’s how to become a great offer 👇🏻


An emotional mess = a bad offer.

If you’re currently struggling with worries, anxiety, depression—or anything else that blocks you from being your best self: Fix it!

Or, she’ll feel there’s ‘something off’ about you.

Find a therapist that fits your needs and personality.

Follow your gut.

There’s not a one size fits all therapy (although CBT comes close).

Personally, hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me.

Going to a therapist is a big step for some because they fear facing their issues or simply due to social shame.

You could choose to take a small step first:
• Talk with family or friends you trust.
• Read self-help books about trauma and cognitive issues.

👉 My recommendations
Read these books
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple.
• The body keeps the score.
• No Bad Parts.

I’ve seen men go from sad, negative, and depressed to happy motherf*ckers in 6 months after working on their bodies. Your body is an extension of your mind, treat it like a temple.


A man lost in life = Bad offer.

An integrated male knows what he wants, where he’s going, and how to get it.

If you’re currently lost, don’t worry! This happens to every man.

Some never find their purpose.

But that won’t be you!

Finding what you love will give you a sense of being, purpose, and self-esteem.

It’s a feeling you’ll only understand when you’re in that zone.

A side note:  You have to do the work and get out of your comfort zone.

But how do I know what my purpose is?

These questions by Brian Tracy will help you figure out what you love:
• What do you like to do more than anything else?
• What have you done in the past that gave you crazy amounts of self-esteem and pride?
• What are the highlights of your life so far?

And what you’re good at:
• What talents, skills, and abilities do you have that seem natural to you?
• What have you been able to do easily and well in the past that seems difficult for others?
• What subjects in school and work have you gravitated towards?

Also, make sure to choose something…
• what you can get paid for.
• what the world needs.


👉 My book recommendations
• The Power of Self-Confidence (Brian Tracey)
• Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.


A man who abuses his body and fashion = Bad offer.

‘If there were a magic pill for pick-up, this would be it.’
– Mark Manson (Author Models).

There’s almost nothing that has such an impact on her first impression of you as these two variables.

Why? Imagine two scenarios with a 35-year-old identical twin.
(a) Nate, a man as fit and dressed as James Bond, approaches your girlfriend and says ‘hey’ to her.
(b) Joey, a man with dirty clothes, greasy hair, and a ‘dad bod, says ‘hey’ to your girl!

You probably want to pull her away from them for two different reasons.

You decide which twin you want to be!

👉 My recommendations
Book: The 4-hour body.

• Optimize your fitness level (I can’t repeat this enough).
• Find a great fashion style that matches your personality.


Submissive body language = Bad offer

This could have been step 3: great fitness → great natural body language.

Also, you don’t have to act like a tough guy with great fitness: you simply are.

Nevertheless, The 3 keys to great body language:

🔸 Stand up straight with a relaxed shoulder posture.

Look at the horizon; your body and neck will naturally line up straight.

Hint: Stand with your back and head against a wall to figure out your natural, straight posture.

🔸 Always show your hands.

Showing your hands means you’re not hiding anything.

Because of evolutionary dangers, everyone is mildly uncomfortable when they can’t see your hands.

‘What is he hiding?’

Hint: Talk comfortably with your hands like you have an Italian uncle.

🔸 Take up space.

Whether you sit, stand or lie down: take up space!

Expanding your body signals to others you’re worthy of that space!

Taking up spaces demonstrates confidence.

Hint: Pretend you have a massive c*ck who needs space when you sit.

👉 My book recommendations:
• Cues by Vanessa Edwards.


Low social status = Bad offer

Your social game is in direct proportion to your social status.

Women love a man who has…
• A rich social circle
• High-quality friends
• People who love and appreciate him

Factors that determine the quality of your social circle:
• How valuable you are (resources, vibe, empathy, and generosity).
• Commonalities: what you have in common.
• Experiences: what adventures you take people on.
• Connections: with other high-status individuals.

👉 My book recommendations:
• How to win friends and influence people.
• How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships


Shitty health = Bad offer.

For anyone who’s currently struggling with health issues: I can relate!

I dealt with Crohn’s disease (4 years ago) until I finally found a cure: a clean diet.

Due to Crohn’s and a poor diet, I constantly felt:
• Fatigued
• Anxious
• Pain
• Bloated
• Depressed

I looked weak, I felt weak, and I acted weak.

I went from having women in my life to no women at all!

Thanks to diet, I got my mojo back 🙂

Back to you!

Even when you’re not ill, you can still drastically improve your health & energy.

Women love a man who’s healthy & energetic because they are a great indicator of healthy offspring.

The science: Your gut and brain are highly connected via the gut-brain axis.

When you eat a wide variety of healthy foods, your gut will thank you by ACTUALLY making you happier—by producing serotonin.

80% of your serotonin (a feel-good hormone) is produced in the gut.

More science: Women are attracted to the smell of testosterone (expressed as androstadienone).

Important ways to raise your testosterone:
– limit or eliminate all processed food.
– Reduce excess body fat.
– Consume a lot of protein (meat, eggs)
– Eat more healthy fats (avocado, olive oil)
– Eat less food high in estrogen (soy, flaxseeds, and legumes)

👉 My book recommendations:• Nutrition and physical degeneration
• The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss
• Eat Dirt: Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root Cause of Your Health Problems


1️⃣ Clean up your emotional garbage

2️⃣ Find your purpose and live the dream

3️⃣ Fix your fitness & fashion

4️⃣ Embrace dominant body language

5️⃣ Play the social game

6️⃣ Adopt a clean diet

This was PART 2/4 of my:’Dating 101 series: How to find, meet and attract beautiful women.’

⬅️ PREVIOUS BLOG: Part 1 of 4, Create a Mindset that Attracts Beautiful Women: A Step-by-Step Guide.

➡️ MY NEXT BLOG: Part 3 of 4, This ONE SIMPLE factor determines how many beautiful women you have in your life.

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