Having good game is a SUPERPOWER!

 Here are the 3 (must-know) steps of EVERY seduction.


• Do you ever wonder why some conversations with women flow naturally into sex?
• While others end up in confusion, rejection, or even humiliation?

After reading this blog…

You know how to achieve the first and evade the last—without breaking a sweat.


This model consists of three simple steps.

It includes all the key elements of seduction that lead to sex and relationships.

My promise: when you understand this model, you understand seduction!


Sit back, save the infographics—and get laid! 👇🏻


Attraction is the first step in seduction because…

‘women don’t care if you like them; unless they like you too!’

Her key questions:
Does he make my life better?
• Does he make me wet?

Attraction consists of FOUR KEY ELEMENTS…


Her main question: Will sleeping with him increase my social value?

Hypergamy teaches us that women only want to date up.

Therefore, You have to hold a frame that you’re either higher or equal in value to her.

(That’s also why you can’t put her on a pedestal).

Women will test your frame via shit tests: is he the real deal?
‘You’re kinda old!’

One way to pass them is via exaggeration.
‘My best friend used to be a T-rex.’

Other ways women determine your value:
• health & energy
• body language
• clothes
• vocal power
• friends

Her main question: Is he a worthy match?


Women determine this via qualifying questions:
– ‘What kinda work do you do?

You pass them by being honest and ambitious.
– ‘I’m a construction worker, but I wanna be a project manager.

(Don’t fake it).


Her main question: Will my life be more fun with him?

When a woman’s basic needs are met (food, roof, and health), she’ll focus more on her wants and dreams. A life with laughter, adventures, and travels.

You don’t have to be funny, as long as your life is fun.

Women determine how fun or boring you are by…
• Your vibe,
• The quality of your lifestyle,
• How you make her feel,
• How interesting your job and hobbies are, and
• The type of adventures you have.


Her main question: Does he make me wet?

To be honest, this isn’t as much of a question.

It’s more of a feeling.

Man-to-woman is the driving force for sexual escalation.

The way you create a man-to-woman vibe is by:
• Touch: hands, lower back, and hips.
• Tease: ‘you’re a bit of a nerd.’
• Non-physical compliment: ‘that dress doesn’t look too bad on you.’
• Talk about semi-sexual topics: sauna, swimming, and showering,


Finally, attraction is built up gradually via the escalation of…
• interest: I like you.
• tension: but I’m not sure yet.

Also known as push-pull.
• pull: I like you.
• push: but I’m not sure yet.

Perfect sexual escalation looks like this:

🔸I kinda like you

I kinda like you, but you seem like trouble.’

• interest: ‘I kinda like you
• tension: but you seem like trouble’.

🔸You’re winning me over

‘You are interesting, but I don’t know about that Harry Potter fetish.’

• interest: ‘You are interesting,
• tension: but I don’t know about that Harry Potter fetish.’

🔸I like you, but

‘You can come to my place, but don’t try anything.’

• interest: ‘You can come to my place,
• tension: but don’t try anything.’

The tension is resolved when sex happens.

→’ He does like me!’


You built up attraction gradually because high-value men don’t give themselves away easily!

Therefore, you let her work for it!

‘Women don’t want a man that flies in their cage; they want an exotic bird that doesn’t want to be caught.’
– Pook


After you’ve built attraction.
• Does he make my life better? ✓
• Does he make me wet? ✓

She now has to answer the following question:
• Do I feel comfortable around him?
• Do I trust him?

You built comfort by answering a sequence of questions she has about you.

Most of these questions aren’t openly expressed.

These are simply topics that play in her head.

Your goal is: to have all these questions answered favorably towards you.

🔸 Who is he?

• Your name.
• Age.
• Where you live.
• What you do for work or study.

You help her answer this question by sharing these logical details.

🔸 Can I trust him?

• Do your words match your actions?
• Are you being honest?
• Are you a human being and not some weird pick-up artist?

You portray trust by being brutally honest.

🔸 What is he about?

• What kind of norms and values do you have?
• Does your worldview match mine?
• What are his friends like?

Again, you pass this main question by being brutally honest.

Note: It’s not an issue if you have different views as long as she thinks you’re attractive enough.

🔸 Is he clean?

• Does he sleep with many women?
• Does he look healthy?
• How will he address my concerns?

You pass by being understanding and showing healthy concerns yourself:
‘I’m clean. Hopefully, you’re too?’


After you’ve built attraction and comfort:
• Does he make my life better ✓
• Do I feel comfortable around him? ✓

It’s now time to reach a commitment:
• YES! I like him, and I feel comfortable around him…for now.

Commitment is any behavioral change that’s favorable towards you and her together.

Or any decision she makes that moves things toward sex.

These commitments move on a spectrum:

🔸Tiny commitments

• Proximity: her being close to you while her friends are elsewhere.
• Accepting a ‘us’ frame: ‘You got great style. You can be my personal assistant.’
• Touch: ‘Letting you touch her without resistance.’

🔸Big commitments

• Cognitive: adjusting her opinion for you.
• Reciprocate: buying you a drink after you bought her one.
• Location: when she agrees to come home with you.
• Future: making plans for a future meet-up.


Let her take small steps towards a future ‘you and her’.

For example, after you’ve built enough attraction and comfort:
• Do you like wine?
• Are you adventurous?
• What’s your schedule like?
• Let’s drink that wine tomorrow at 8 pm.

❤️‍🩹 BONUS

These 3 CLASSIC MISTAKES will help you understand what happens if you skip or neglect the 3 key steps of seduction:

CLASSIC MISTAKE 1: Building attraction without comfort.

This happens when you are overly sexual—and don’t build an emotional connection.
– ‘You don’t even know me!’

Results in…
• creeped out women.
• high rejection rate.

(It only works if you’re extremely attractive).

CLASSIC MISTAKE 2: building comfort without attraction.

This happens when you don’t show any direct or indirect sexual interest in her.
– ‘What does he want from me?’

Manifest itself in a half-hour conversation to nowhere.

Results in…
• confusion.
• Friend zone.

CLASSIC MISTAKE 3: asking for commitment without attraction & comfort.

– ‘Do you want to go on a date with me?’

You force her to make an instant decision with a stranger.

Results in…
• Rejection: ‘I have a boyfriend
• Ghosting: fake number or real number: no reaction.

Do you finally understand where you went wrong in the past?

If so, let me know via Twitter, Instagram, or via mail!

I want to learn more about you guys, and your (dating) life.




This was PART 4 of 4 of my: ’Dating 101: How to find, meet and attract beautiful women.’

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➡️ NEXT BLOG, I’ll write about the attraction and comfort paradox.

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