This ONE SIMPLE factor determines how many beautiful women you have in your life.


You can be the most charming, dominant, and fun guy in the world…but you’ll never get any if you don’t position yourself favorably.

I see this all the time…
• The good-looking guy whose life consists of his job, dog, and Netflix.
• The average-looking dude who DJs at parties, goes to fashion shows, and is a hardcore member of the yoga club.

If you’re the first: women don’t even know you exist!

You shouldn’t be reading pick-up books!

You should follow the exact GAME PLAN I’m sharing with you today!

And you’ll have more women in your life than you know how to manage (guaranteed!).

If you fail to do so, this will be the rest of your life:
• no exposure to beautiful women.
• boring lifestyle.
• you can’t share exciting stories.
• your Instagram, Tinder, and Hinge profile consists of you taking selfies in a mirror.

You have to get yourself out there!

👇🏻 Here’s how:


First, you want to position yourself to women who…
• you’re attracted too.
• share similar interests.

— photo 2 positioning —

Yes, there are beautiful women in fashion.

But don’t go to fashion shows if you don’t give shit about fashion.

Yes, there are women who are interested in some weird hobbies you might look.

But, are you attracted to them?

It’s your job to find an interest, hobby, or even job where both demands are met: personal interest + attractive women.

What I do: photography, festivals, and travel.

Make a list of anything you’re interested in and figure out whether they’re attractive women in that field.


Let’s say you conclude that you would like to build some muscle and realize that there’re attractive women there.

Here’s how you are going to connect with them…

Simply being there isn’t enough for you to get laid—or get a girlfriend.

You need to connect with people and, in return: build social proof.

This isn’t hard or scary as it may seem.

What you’re going to do is become the guy EVERYONE knows & likes.

You do this gradually.

So, let’s unwrap the gym example.

Trust me; you’re going to love this example.


First, go to the gym at fixed hours.

Let people slowly start to recognize your face.

When people start recognizing you, you slowly start to build trust and familiarity.

This matters because research shows that ‘we tend to like people whose faces we recognize more than those […] unfamiliar to us.’


Start saying ‘hi’ to the regulars, give them a nod, or start a small chat.

‘You again, bro! You’re just as predictable as me. Never missing those reps!’

‘Haha, I know! Have to keep up with you, mate.’

In short, demonstrate positive, relaxed, and playful behavior.


After you slowly become more familiar with the other people in the gym, start to ask them for advice.

This is crazy powerful for three reasons:

• You give people a sense of worth and importance by asking for advice.
• You demonstrate a form of vulnerability, which is a highly desirable human trait

On top of that, by asking for small favors, people automatically assume you’re their friend.

It’s called the Ben Franklin effect.

For example,
You: ‘I saw you just did some crazy exercise over there. I’d love to learn it.’
Him: ‘Sure, let me help you out!’


At some point, you want to get past the comfort of small talk.

You want to start building a personal bond.

You do this in two ways:

🅰️ Have fun and banter.

Nobody wants to be friends with Mr. Boring.

Everybody wants to be friends with the dude who’s got a positive vibe about him.

This doesn’t mean you should be a try-hard.

It simply means: have fun and don’t take yourself seriously!

A great way to start off a fun conversations, is by asking questions that lead to fun topics.

Example: ‘Anything crazy happened this weekend?’

🅱️ Go deep.

Ask about their wants, needs, dreams, fears, passions, adventures, and childhood.

This might be the kind of stuff you think about asking your date.

But trust me, this works on everyone.

You: ‘What made you get into lifting weights?’
Gym bro: ‘Got bullied at elementary school.’

You: ‘A that sucks, men. Why though? You seem like a cool guy.’
Gym bro: ‘Well, I was a bit of a loser.’

Mix it with banter, and small talk, you don’t want to come off as a try-hard.

✓ When you’ve built a couple of decent relationships, everything becomes 10x easier.

Because you’ve built social proof.

You keep doing the same thing repeatedly until the entire f*cking gym knows who you are!

Goal: Insane social proof.

 When you’ve bonded with 51% of the gym at that time, the other 49% want to become friends with you—simply because they’ve become a minority.

They feel left out, NOT knowing you!

Thus, win 51% of the gym; the rest will automatically follow.

⛔️ Warning

As you may have noticed, I have barely talked about women so far.

That’s because you don’t build relationships with women first!

They will think you have an agenda.

You win over the men first.

Also, by going after the women first, you annoy the guys as well.

Rule of thumb
• first, become friends with 3-4 guys.
• then, talk with one new girl for every 1-2 new guys.


When you finally know everyone, you’ll use this to your advantage—and become insanely valuable to everyone.

You’re going to be the guy that if people don’t know you, they’re missing out.

Here’s how:


Let’s say you’re friends with Graham, a professional photographer, and you’re friends with Tom, a social media influencer.

Here’s how you connect them:

You: ‘Graham, bro! How’s your business doing?! You were so excited about it the last time we spoke.
Graham: ‘My business is doing well, but I can do better!’

You: ‘Got any ideas already?’
Graham: ‘My social media could be better, to be fair. Got barely any leads coming in without paying ads.’

You: ‘You see the dude with the yellow Nike’s over there? He’s a social media influencer. Let me introduce you. TOM!’


Just by knowing you and a simple introduction: you’ve added value.

A photographer and social media influencer are a win-win on both ends.


At some point, you start to form a small group of gym bros you get along with well.

That’s when you solidify the friendship slowly:

• Meet up at fixed times to work out together.

• Have a quick drink after working out.

• Do something interesting outside of the gym you’re all interested in.


When you’ve played the friendship game, it’s time to build attraction with the women you fancy.

Why didn’t you start with this shit, bro? You’re a Dating Coach!

Let me tell you why via these two scenarios:

A • You’re a random dude in the gym; you approach the hottest girl everyone is after (4th time this week for her) and start a small chat.

B • You’re THE DUDE in the gym; the hottest girl sees you laughing and talking with EVERYONE, she gives a welcoming smile, and you start a small chat.

In which scenario do you want to be?

B, obviously. 

The main reason this is so effective is because of MASSIVE social proof.

NOTHING beats social proof!

That’s why women will sleep with a celebrity a minute after meeting them.

My point is: Become a local celebrity in your gym, university, work, nightclub, sports club, or wherever you like to vibe.

And women will make it crazy easy for you to sleep with them.



• slowly interact with familiar faces
• ask for advice or small favors
• solidify relationships

• become the connector
• become friends on the outside.


This is PART 3 of 4 of my:

‘Dating 101: How to find, meet and attract beautiful women.’

⬅️ PREVIOUS BLOG: ‘A hard pill you need to swallow—if you want to date beautiful women.’

➡️ NEXT BLOG: ‘Having good game is a SUPERPOWER! Here are the 3 (must-know) steps of EVERY seduction.’

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